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Tyra Banks' Top Model meltdown is now a sick house track courtesy of King Princess

Memes come and go at a very fast pace, but some stand the tests of time and never get old. Tyra Banks has proven to be one of those memes—quite a few times, actually—with her unpredictable behavior on America’s Next Top Model. There’s that time she fainted in front of the girls. There’s also the but make it fashion” meme. And, of course, there’sWe were all rooting for you. It’s been used in gifs, parodies, and all manner of memes, and now it’s found new life as a spine-rattling house track.


The absolute drama behind the original scene is enough to make this thing slap, but alt-pop songwriter King Princess layers in some dramatic beats to elevate Banks’ gutting “how dare you!” If you’re a visual person, then check out the artist’s pal, Henry Metcalf, doing an interpretive dance to the remix in the below clip. Sheer talent, the two of them. Hopefully this means King Princess’ album is on its way. Fans are getting impatient.

[via Billboard]

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