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Tyra Banks says she's trying to get Coyote Ugly 2 up off the ground

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Bad news for everyone who would like to use the bar for responsibly keeping their drinks safely and securely stored on—rather than its true purpose, i.e., allowing 20-somethings to shake their booties to LeAnn Rimes tunes atop it—tonight, as Tyra Banks has reported that she’s trying to get some kind of Coyote Ugly sequel off the ground. Banks (who, before rising to dominance atop an empire of smizing, fat suits, and tip-top models, co-starred in the modest 2000 success) says she’s been talking to co-star Maria Bello about potentially bringing the movie back. Presumably after the idea of someone coming within six feet of you at a bar ceases to read like the plot of a horror movie, instead of an empowering romantic comedy.

Per E!, Banks dropped this scoop on Kelly Clarkson during her titular talk show (as well as the people trapped in Clarkson’s horrifying audience monoliths), revealing that she’s got plans to bring Coyote Ugly back as either a sequel film or a TV series. (Why choose, we say—there’s enough Don Henley to go around.) So far, there doesn’t sound like there are any studios, writers, directors, or executives attached, but given that you’ve got the full force of ModelLand’s Tyra Banks behind the project, we have to assume that those are mere details. Get your booty-shorts ready and leave the drinks in the cup-holders, folks: The year 2000's 36th-best-performing film is set to conquer the bar-top all over again.


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