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Tyler The Creator’s creative process savagely roasted in video shared by Tyler The Creator

Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

As a rapper, producer, and one-man entertainment machine, Tyler The Creator has cultivated a very recognizable and unique aesthetic. Unfortunately, having a unique sound just makes it that much easier for someone to parody you. That’s something Tyler learned recently when Seattle-based musician Nat Puff (a.k.a. Left At London) posted a brutally accurate instructional video showing “How to make a Tyler, The Creator song.” Get your shitty pianos ready and play long!


Obviously, this level of accuracy could only be achieved by someone who was not-so-secretly a fan of Tyler The Creator, something Puff readily admits to being. Even Tyler himself had to give it up to this lampooning of his entire musical career, though he was quick to add there should be a bit more “Ayo” thrown in there.

This is clearly the beginning of a beautiful working relationship. Fingers crossed for a Left At London cameo or, lacking that, at least a set at his Camp Flog Gnaw festival, as she suggested in her own reply to Tyler. Aim for the stars, kids.

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