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Illustration for article titled Tyler Perrys emAlex Cross/em already getting a sequel, as all Tyler Perry movies must

Critics have barely had a chance to savage Tyler Perry's debut in detective drag in Alex Cross, but—as has been proven time and again—critics shitting on Tyler Perry creates naught but the fertilizer in which a thousand Tyler Perry movies bloom. And so, on the eve of the film being poised to make back its relatively paltry $23 million budget, and driven by the twin creative engines of adequately meeting lowered expectations and spite, deals are already being finalized for Tyler Perry to star in another chapter of the James Patterson detective series. The sequel will be based on, and will likely be titled after, its second novel, Double Cross, presumably in which Alex Cross is partnered with a sassy, overweight black woman who looks just like him. "You can kiss my hot Cross buns!" she can say to serial killers, and then forensic-psychology stuff happens.


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