After carving Tyler Perry’s name into the very fiber of this world with countless Tyler Perry movies, Tyler Perry TV shows, and Tyler Perry stage tours, Lionsgate is finally getting serious about Tyler Perry, confirming a report in Tyler Perry’s New York Times that it is considering launching an entire cable network devoted to Tyler Perry called Tyler TV. As with the approximately six to eight hours of everyday TBS programming, Tyler TV would be anchored entirely by Tyler Perry and Tyler Perry’s sensibilities, with Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer being coy about details, but calling Tyler Perry a “rare piece of talent that can bring an audience anywhere” through the mere subliminal whisper of Tyler Perry’s name on the wind. Tylerrrrr Perrrrry

Presumably the channel would carry all of Tyler Perry’s past, current, and future sitcoms as well as reruns of Tyler Perry’s movies, but would also feature newer programming specifically created to complement the Tyler Perry brand. It's also expected that by the third day of broadcasting, the mantra of “Tyler Perry” will have at last achieve the required number of repetitions for the world to reach a transcendental state of enlightenment and see the face of God—an elderly, hilariously mannish woman who is loving of her creation yet does not spare her vengeful frying pan. So it was Tyler Perry’s written, so it shall be Tyler Perry’s done. Tyler Perry be with you.