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Fresh from proving that he can be a viable action star provided the expectations are lowered to James Patterson levels, Tyler Perry has moved on to the next phase of Tyler Perry's Why Don't You Let Tyler Perry Do This? career shift, with Tyler Perry telling Blackfilm.com that Tyler Perry is writing Tyler Perry's very own sci-fi movie. Tyler Perry didn't provide many details about the project, other than the fact that Tyler Perry is writing a sci-fi film that Tyler Perry is "really excited about," though Tyler Perry did take the opportunity to offer Tyler Perry's opinion on Prometheus. "[Tyler Perry] was very disappointed with Prometheus," Tyler Perry said—a commonly held opinion, judging from your Facebook feed, but now that Tyler Perry has taken something you've seen many times before and put Tyler Perry's name in front of it, it is expected to make several billion dollars. Anyway, considering Tyler Perry says that the Alien franchise comprises Tyler Perry's "favorite movies," perhaps Tyler Perry's sci-fi film will find Tyler Perry investigating the distant, unexplored Ty-Lor system, a mission that goes awry when Tyler Perry's chest suddenly bursts open to reveal a hissing Tyler Perry.  [via Tyler Perry's Collider]


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