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Two percent of Netflix users have already finished House Of Cards

It’s been only a week since season two of House Of Cards premiered on Netflix, but 2 percent of the company’s 33.4 million U.S. subscribers have already finished it. Which means there are approximately 670,000 people who could spoil the show for you—including our own Todd VanDerWerff. The number is even more impressive given that the show’s 13 hour-long episodes had to compete for viewers’ attention with Valentine’s Day, the Olympics, and other  time-sucking activities, like working, seeing friends, or raising a family.

And while not everyone has found time to finish the series yet, between 6 and 10 percent of U.S. Netflix users have watched at least one episode of House Of Cards—a 400-percent increase over the first season’s opening weekend. On average, American subscribers have watched three episodes, while over in Europe the average is five. (Only 1 percent of Europeans have finished the entire series, because once again Americans are better at aggressively consuming than our European neighbors).


Since Netflix doesn’t disclose viewing data, the numbers come from a third-party data analysis company called Procera Networks, which offers a reminder that the 2 percent figure is “huge,” given the number of episodes and the relative little amount of time since their debut. The critically acclaimed drama isn’t driving new Netflix subscribers, however: Procera found no “statistically significant increase in overall Netflix traffic,” which has also been the norm for other Netflix original programming like Orange Is The New Black and Arrested Development. [via TV Line]

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