Now that the Mystery Science Theater 3000 gang has come down from the Satellite Of Love and started appearing on TV again and in Nicki Minaj videos for the first time, fan anticipation for a MST3K reboot continues to grow.

This isn’t that. It’s not even a complete cast reunion. But it is a chance to see Trace Beaulieu (a.k.a. Dr. Clayton Forrester, a.k.a. the original Crow) playing a robot again, and to see Joel Hodgson (a.k.a. Joel) do as-yet-unspecified Joel stuff. The two will be reunited on Paul Fieg’s Other Space, a Yahoo! web series set to launch next spring. Set in the 22nd century, Other Space centers around a group of intergalactic misfits who stumble into an alternate universe, presumably to get away from Joe Don Baker. Whether this strange new world is as prone to wacky pratfalls as our own remains to be seen.


[via Variety]