The Rainn Wilson-starring Office spinoff The Farm has already cast his lackadaisical, Bigfoot-hunting brother, his lefty urbanite sister, and an adorable nephew for him to mentor adorably, but there are still plenty of other heretofore-unmentioned Schrutes you will ostensibly grow to care about. You can now add Matt Jones and Tom Bower to that list: Jones, best known for playing Breaking Bad's Badger, has joined the show as cousin Zeke, about whom little is known. And Bower—an actor whose credits range from The Waltons to Die Hard 2 to Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans to It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia—has been cast as Dwight's uncle Heinrich, about whom much more is known, such as the fact that he is a Nazi (the funny kind). Jones, Bower, and all the other just-remembered Schrutes will be introduced during an episode of The Office's upcoming final season, after which NBC will consider the fact that it's making an Office spinoff with a "wacky Nazi uncle" and decide whether it's really going through with that.