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Two guys recreated The Fast And The Furious for less than $100, and it's wonderfully awful

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The Fast And The Furious is an action series whose appeal depends a great deal on the lavish practical and virtual effects employed to make its car-racing, car-smashing, and car-exploding as exciting as possible. Despite this, Kent Yoshimura and Kevin Fairy—the duo behind YouTube channel Budget Boyz—have decided to recreate the first movie on a budget of just under $100.

As its trailer makes clear, The Fast And The Furious (On A Budget) isn’t quite the glossy Hollywood production as the movie it’s based on. There’s background music that still has an audio watermark repeating at regular intervals, the cars are all little plastic models that get blown up with firecrackers and canned VFX explosions, and the cast is limited to the duo of Yoshimura and Fairy alone, the two of them playing more than a dozen characters between them. (Their Dominic Toretto and Brian O’Conner costumes, helped out by a bubblegum pink bald cap and a long blonde wig are particularly great.)


Instead of balking at these limitations, the Boyz embrace them, creating a wonderfully hammy 20-minute summary of the movie filled with action-packed scenes, high drama, and a whole lot of Corona Seltzer cans.

Watch the full movie for yourself and, if you can find a second to let your mind wander between the non-stop thrill of Matchbox cars racing to the sound of guys making motor noises and giggling, just try to imagine what these guys could do with $200!


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