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Two Ghost Hunters stars are leaving to make their own show

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After presumably achieving all they’d wished to achieve in the field of hunting ghosts (save for actually catching a ghost), Amy Bruni and Adam Berry, two of the stars of SyFy’s Ghost Hunters, have announced that they’ve decided to leave the show. This comes via Deadline, which reports that the pair intend to “develop a new show idea in the paranormal space.” Before anyone reads too much into that phrase, “paranormal space” is most likely a reference to the show’s genre and not a suggestion that Bruni and Berry will somehow be making a show in the mystical Other Side where all of the ghosts live.


Bruni joined Ghost Hunters  in 2008, with Berry following her in 2010. Like the kid sidekicks on Mythbusters, they brought a more hip and cheery attitude to the show and helped make all of the scientifically accurate ghost-hunting studies they took part in a bit more exciting. We don’t know much about what Bruni and Berry are planning to do next, but hopefully their post-ghost career goes a bit better than it did for these guys. (Referring to Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson, not the characters they played.)

Also, Ghost Hunters is apparently looking to hire some new recruits to fill in the shoes that Bruni and Berry spookily left behind. If anyone out there is interested, they can practice by looking off in the distance, creepily whispering that they see something, and then not pointing the camera anywhere near it.

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