Remember when Chris Pratt was best known as sweet, goofy Andy Dwyer of Parks And Recreation? Then he started working out like crazy, and starred in a fantastically successful mega-blockbuster. A year later, having worked out even more, he starred in another fantastically successful mega-blockbuster. So now he’s the fantastically successful mega-blockbuster guy, one supposes, the still-young millennium’s answer to Harrison Ford. Oh, and the ceaseless Hollywood rumor mill is intent on making that last analogy as literal as possible. The erstwhile Johnny Karate and Mouse Rat lead singer belongs to the world now, it seems. Good for him. Really. And now, Zenlike Productions, which defines itself as “a geek-friendly [YouTube] channel” has gifted the world a mock trailer that cannily combines Guardians Of The Galaxy with Jurassic World to create what would be the ultimate Chris Pratt vehicle: Jurassic Galaxy. In true Hollywood fashion, the trailer declares: “After the park, after the world, comes the galaxy.” This tagline seems to be an update of the old “today [this place], tomorrow [some other place]” trope, except this time with dinosaurs instead of Nazis as the would-be conquerors.

Jurassic Galaxy draws its visuals from Guardians Of The Galaxy, but its audio from Jurassic World, making it another of those mashups in which the characters are acting out one storyline but saying another. The oddest thing about this is that the characters are constantly talking about genetically modified dinosaurs, even though there are no genetically modified dinosaurs on camera. Or, to be more precise, the dinosaurs have been modified to the point that they no longer resemble traditional dinosaurs. Ultimately, it’s all academic. Thanks to a strong use of music and some equally on-point editing, Jurassic Galaxy hangs together very nicely, dinos or no. And, hey, Chris Pratt is on the case, and that guy can fix anything. He’ll have this space dinosaur thing wrapped up in a jiffy.