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Two Captain Kirks meet in this Star Trek 50th-anniversary mashup

(Screenshot: Nick Acosta)

For Star Trek fans, there’s been surprisingly little fanfare surrounding the show’s 50th anniversary (even more so considering that one of Star Trek’s legacies is the creation of modern fandom as we know it in the form of fan-fictions, conventions, and cosplay). Sure, there’s a new Blu-ray box set coming out and a promising new series debuting in 2017, but even the latest entry into the film franchise, Star Trek Beyond, has received a fairly quiet marketing push. So that leaves people like artist Nick Acosta to help fill in the gap, creating a celebratory (if a bit amateurishly rotoscoped) video combining the U.S.S. Enterprise crews new and old, with Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk striding alongside William Shatner’s original vintage.


Live Long and Star Trek from Nick Acosta on Vimeo.

Acosta is something of a Star Trek superfan, previously giving the original series the Cinerama widescreen treatment, as well as inserting the original Enterprise into shots from the J.J. Abrams’ films. This one-man fan production has more heart than polish, but that’s what has made Star Trek fandom both endearing and enduring.

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