Finally recognizing one of the crucial ingredients for franchise success, director J.J. Abrams has hired two British persons for his next Star Trek movie, which is now at least 20 percent more droll. While there’s the usual J.J. Abrams secrecy as to the nature of their roles, we do know that the first of these will be "a family man with a wife and young daughter" and he will be played by Doctor Who co-star Noel Clarke, whose name is assuredly British, but not exceedingly British, such as the variety enjoyed by modern American audiences. Fortunately Clarke’s slack has been more than picked up by Benedict Cumberbatch, star of both Sherlock and a series of novellas about a sickly earl’s son forced by grave circumstance into poverty, and his comical coming of age as first apprentice coachman then sea merchant. And while Variety reports that Cumberbatch has landed the main villain role that once belonged to Benicio Del Toro before circling down to Edgar Ramirez—and which many suspected to be Khan, because of all the Latin—there's no official word yet on exactly what character he will be playing either. Except, of course, “Cumberbatch,” which is the only word you need ever know.