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Twitter user chronicles Rihanna’s incredible wine-glass antics

Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

These days there are all sorts of ways to consume wine when you’re on the move. For instance, you can drink it out of a can—a Sofia Coppola-branded can, no less. Or you can pour it into a tumbler. But Rihanna, no mere mortal, does not bother with any of that. When Ri is at an establishment and wants to continue drinking that sweet nectar of fermented grapes, she simply takes her glass with her. Think of it like an alcoholic doggy bag with a souvenir cup. MTV’s Josh Edwards took note of this trend and began to chronicle it in a glorious Twitter thread, posing important questions like, “What does she do with the glass when she’s done?” This is a valid query! We hope she just has a trophy case full of pilfered glassware.


Edwards points out that Rihanna does not see weather as an obstacle, perhaps figuring that a pinot noir could use a little chilling. (She does not, as far as we know, follow in the footsteps of our other wine hero, Diane Keaton, and put her red over ice.)

Our dream is now for Rihanna to host her version of Matthew Rhys and Matthew Goode’s The Wine Show. Perhaps Drake can be her co-host. Someone make this happen please.

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