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Twitter turns a slasher movie into an adorable buddy comedy

(Photo: Ollie Millington/Getty Images)

Given that Twitter these days pretty much just exists to pass on screaming hate speech, presidential decrees, and the increasingly murky distinction between the two, it’s nice to see something genuinely amusing and great come out of the micro-blogging service for once. Case in point: this long, delightful exchange between authors Sam Sykes and Chuck Wendig, which starts with Sykes asking Wendig a relatively innocuous “yo can you help me out.”


What unravels from there is pretty much the plot of your average slasher movie, except played out between a confused but cheerful killer and his doggedly helpful friend. The dialogue between the two authors might not have anything especially new to say about the slasher film formula, but it does so in such a resolutely charming way that it’s hard to actually mind.


Good stuff.

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