Much like Tony Goldwyn’s character in Ghost, Twitter users who foolishly share their opinions on Donald Trump, famous YouTubers, or DC superhero movies will soon know the terror of being carried off by creepy shadow demons. That’s because Twitter is changing the default avatar from an egg on a colored background to a more generic—and slightly spooky—shadow. This change was announced with a blog post from the Twitter Design team, and the post includes two interesting notes about the change.

(Image: Twitter)


For starters, it’s designed to be boring on purpose so that people will be more likely to add a custom avatar, but Twitter also specifically wanted to distance itself from the “negative behavior” that people associate with the egg avatar. Considering all of the other stuff the company does to discourage “negative behavior” (which is effectively nothing), simply changing the default avatar is kind of like hanging a nice painting over the growing patch of mold on your wall. It doesn’t actually fix the issue, it just covers it up and gives you some time before people start choking to death on poisonous spores.

You can read more information about this change at this link, and make sure to let @Jack know when this does absolutely nothing to improve the behavior of the former Twitter eggs.