(Illustration: Nick Wanserski)

Unlike Facebook, a platform whose bipartisanism came into question for weeding out conservative news posts, Twitter is content to remain simply a social-media bystander to the potential end of the world. The company’s daily trends section is just as likely to be filled with hashtag gateways to Trump stumps as it is some Hillary Clinton meme. And in keeping with its neutral stance, Twitter will livestream the Republican National Convention next week in Cleveland, and chase it with the Democratic National Convention the following week.

In what is presumably a dress rehearsal for its upcoming Thursday Night Football coverage, Twitter will livestream both conventions this month via its new Live product. Mobile and web users will be able to access the feeds on the first days of the respective conventions—that’s July 18 for Republicans, and July 25 for Democrats. Though Twitter is the host for the livestreams, CBS and its online affiliate CBSN will handle the camera work. The network is also expected to tweet out a link to the streams once they’re up, which means that once again, NCIS viewers will remain the most informed demographic.


Twitter hasn’t ironed out all of the details as to just how the streams will be announced once the conventions kick off, but they will be made available to even those without Twitter accounts. The company is also going to float around pertinent tweets, hashtag or none, during the streaming.

[via Wired]