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Twitter runs wild on Trump adviser’s Inauguration Day outfit

Roger Stone, Jr (Photo: Vallery Jean/Getty Images)

Here at The A.V. Club, we try—not always successfully—to leave people’s appearances out of things. Mock their work, mock their words, mock their character, but we really do try not to rip into a person just on the basis of how they dress or their overall…sartorial…uh…style…


The above test of our jouranlistic resolve comes courtesy of Roger Stone Jr., an adviser to the Trump administration who has long fancied himself an authority on fashion and style. Given that Stone was also hit by a car this week, it says something about what a piece of work he is that we don’t feel all that terrible about the days-long lampooning his Inauguration Day duds have been getting of late. Dig your way past assertions that he was in contact with Russian hackers during the election, and you still run into decades worth of racist comments, Nixon adoration, Alex Jones-guesting, and general sack-of-shittery that tempers our normally storied empathy, especially when the jokes are this good. While multiple Twitter users took their shots at Stone’s top-hat-and-goggles ensemble, it was writer @SpookPerson—a.k.a. “Goth Ms. Frizzle”—who took him on as a comedy muse, putting together 70 or so legitimately sick burns over the course of a couple of hours. You can read the entire masterpiece right here:

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