Unsatisfied with treating the whole world as his Twitter account, Charlie Sheen has officially signed up for the service, creating a verified account and amassing followers at an exponential rate—well before he even said anything. Now, with 175,000-plus followers listening (a number growing with every second), he’s finally issued his first tweet. Did you guess that it would be “Winning”? Yes, it was “Winning.” However, you probably didn’t guess that it would also be accompanied by the hashtag “#winning” for extra winning, or that it would include an urging to “Choose your Vice” (similarly doubled by the hashtag “#chooseyourvice”) as well as this photo of what looks like Sheen’s “goddess,” Bree Olson, holding up some Naked Juice and Sheen clutching a bottle of crack-besting chocolate milk while winning in their kitchen. Anyway, finally, a place for Charlie Sheen to share his thoughts.