Social media has been playing an increasingly outsized role in politics; platforms like Twitter help attract supporters and other like-minded voters with groupthink conveniently wrapped in hashtags. But Twitter also seems like something that a lot of politicians might grapple with, particularly since some of them are still having trouble using email correctly.

So to help those struggling campaigners make the most of their social campaigning, Twitter has been making available a Twitter Government And Elections Handbook, according to Collider. Twitter clearly isn’t obeying its own 140-character limit, as the guide is 136 pages long. The Handbook includes best-practice classics such as how to delete tweets, how to make @mentions and #hashtags, and TweetDeck, Twitter’s tracking application that will probably get dumped into the lap of a campaign advisor’s intern.


Of course, some candidates are savvier than others. Does Donald Trump need a Twitter handbook? Nope, that’s probably the one area where the Orange One can be unanimously admired for his brutal, yet effective social media carpet-bombing of all enemies, real or perceived:

But for everybody else with serious political ambitions, you don’t have to go far to see that there are plenty of candidates who could up their tweet game. You can download and check out the Twitter Government And Elections Handbook for yourself, here.