(Image: https://twitter.com/DonaldJTrumpJr)

At some point, you’d think people would figure out that there are few ways for a social media campaign to go immediately, disastrously, wrong faster than to toss a hashtag out into the world and then just sort of hope for the best. (See, for example, McDonald’s #McDStories, and its tales of murdered animals and gastrointestinal distress.) But that hard-earned wisdom didn’t stop the Trump campaign from reaching out last night to those wild “youths” it’s always hearing about, ushering the #millennialsforTrump hashtag onto the internet in all its near-certain glory.

It didn’t go great.


Featuring a picture of Donald Trump, Jr.—who initially tweeted it out—and his siblings Eric and Ivanka, the image was quickly repurposed by social media users, mostly in the form of unflattering references to old movies.

(In the interest of being fair and balanced, we should note that that’s actually an image from Village Of The Damned.)


Others went more general with their jabs:

Have you been injured in a workplace accident? Call the law offices of Trump, Trump, and Trump today! pic.twitter.com/6VIYOZ2pnO

— Parker Molloy (@ParkerMolloy) September 3, 2016


Happily for the Trump campaign, though, at least one internet writer understood the true message of what #millennialsforTrump is all about. Vice writer Lee Zachariah put out the following image last night, demonstrating that Trump’s Outsiders vs. Insider message is really getting through.

Stay gold, indeed. (Because Donald Trump really likes gold.)