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Twitter is good, actually, if you’re Mark Ruffalo

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Twitter, for the most part, sucks. It’s a bad website and everybody on there knows it. But, if you’re Mark Ruffalo, the social media cesspool managed to do more good than harm this week. According to The Daily Dot, the Avengers actor lost his beloved backpack in the back of a New York City cab on Tuesday night and was desperate enough to reach out to his Twitter followers for help.


“New Yorkers that I love so much, please help me find my backpack,” Ruffalo tweeted, adding that he had no way of contacting the cab company and would offer a reward to anyone who found the bag. In amongst the many jokes about MCU spoilers being left inside the backpack, somebody managed to help Ruffalo out and the actor confirmed the following morning that the bag had been found.


Now, there is always the chance that Twitter wasn’t actually instrumental in this backpack recovery. Maybe some random, good-natured citizen happened upon Ruffalo’s bag in the back of a cab and was nice enough to contact him on their own, without the promise of a reward. But, given how much awful shit comes out of Twitter on a regular basis, we’re willing to chalk this one up in the win column, just to ever so slightly even the scales.

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