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Twitter is an endless stream of movie jokes at Sean Spicer’s expense

In these dark and desolate political times, we have to find cheer wherever we can, even in the tiniest of cubbyholes, the smallest slivers of public communication. Maybe that’s why Twitter users have been contributing to the hashtag #SeanSpicerAFilm at a fast and furious (or should we say Alternative Facts And Furious) rate: nearly 24,000 at last count and growing rapidly. Granted, as is par for the course with the alternative-facts-dispensing White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, the jokes just write themselves: Truthbusters. So I Married A Facts Murderer. Lie Hard. Lie Hard 2. Lie Hard With A Motive. Lie Free Or Cry Hard. A Fine Day To Lie Hard. Hey, it’s not much, but it is funny, and let’s just be sure to use all the word tools at our disposal right now. Even hashtags.


You can see an almost endless stream of such jokes on Twitter.

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