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Twitter has decided to shut down its #Music app, which is apparently a thing that existed

Twitter has decided to shut down its #Music app, which—judging by its brief lifespan—no one really knew it had in the first place. #Music was introduced in April and was intended to introduce Twitter users to new acts, as well as to let people see (and judge) the music their friends are into. While Twitter’s video app, Vine, has done well over the past six months, #Music tanked. After a debut at No. 6 on iTunes’ free app rankings, it’s since fallen well down that list, with one analytics company estimating that it’s now the 1672nd most popular free app on iTunes.

It’s unclear how and when Twitter will shut down #Music, but it’s believed that the company will instead shift its focus into somehow integrating music into its news feed, something that most users will probably hate.


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