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Twitter delight Jaboukie Young-White joins The Daily Show as its latest correspondent

Photo: NBC (Getty Images)

Few TV shows have served as a more reliable incubator of talent over the last few years than The Daily Show, whose alumni now show up all over the upper reaches of the pop culture pantheon, from hosting late-night shows, to hosting other late-night shows, to starring in Oscar-winning films. Now, the Comedy Central institution has added another potential star to its roster, announcing that comedian Jaboukie Young-White is the show’s latest correspondent.

Although his resumé is full of eye-grabbing stuff—he’s written for American Vandal, appeared on The Tonight Show, and served as story editor for the most recent (and excellent) season of Big Mouth—Young-White is probably best known to a lot of people for his comedy work on Twitter. The comic’s tweets have been a staple of online comedy for a few years now, tackling everything from the importance of looking after yourself to the latest political issues:


Young-White’s first appearance will be on the new Daily Show episode tonight, doing a desk piece opposite host Trevor Noah.

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