After more than 40 years of refusing to take it, mascaraed metal group Twisted Sister will fulfill satirical prophecy and surrender that fight, ending the lifelong struggle against the oppressive, vaguely defined pronoun. But the band will not go gently into that good it. No, it will rage, moderately rage against the dying of the not-gonna, embarking on one last farewell tour—kicking off with two tribute shows to late drummer A.J. Pero, who died of a heart attack last month.

According to TMZ, the members of Twisted Sister had already planned to call it quits a mere week before Pero died, ever-rebelliously choosing their own destiny before Pero succumbed to life’s most inevitable it. But with a new drummer in tow, Adrenaline Mob’s Mike Portnoy, the group will show it who’s boss, one last time.


Dee Snider confirmed the tour with a brief message on Facebook, though he didn’t provide dates or any further information. Still, he officially endorsed TMZ’s report saying Snider and the other remaining original members—all around 60 years old at this point—will be hitting the road, taking their final battle to various regional its. These valiant sexagenerians will come armed with plenty of cosmetics and at least two hit songs, outraging the “it”-protecting status quo of, oh, 1984 or so.

In keeping with that fearless willingness to upset the squares and their precious it, the tour will be called “Forty And F**k It.” You know what those asterisks stand for! Oh yeah! Take that, it!

The tour will not be called “We No Longer Wish To Rock,” because that’s lame. That’s what “it” would want. Suck it, it.