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Here’s some news to enjoy with a damn fine cup of coffee this morning: Production has officially wrapped on the Twin Peaks revival. David Lynch’s series—of which we know very little about, aside from the names of the famous people setting up temporary residence—shot in its old stomping round for 140 days, which culminated with this photo shared by Welcome To Twin Peaks.

Courtesy of Peter Deming, ASC

Along with the welcome sight of that clapperboard comes word that the limited series might not be so close-ended. The Twitter account @ForLocations has tracked Twin Peaks’ Los Angeles and Washington State shoots, and recently tweeted the news that the “first 2 seasons” had almost wrapped.

“Twin Peaks”
has almost wrapped up its first 2 seasons
of location filming in Los Angeles -
about 2-3 more weeks to go.

— Go For Locations (@ForLocations) April 4, 2016

While that tweet is still available, the people behind the account deleted a more recent post that repeated the twin seasons news.

Courtesy of Welcome To Twin Peaks

If this is true, it probably means that the 18 episodes that have been filmed will end up split across two seasons, which doesn’t sound ideal to anyone whose interest in the show has already been thoroughly piqued. But that “first” sounds pretty promising.


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