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Twilight author Stephenie Meyer is writing a new show for Hulu

Photo: Twilight (Lionsgate)

Having recently completed work on a gender-swapped version of Twilight, author Stephenie Meyer was in need of another project. And she’s found it thanks to Lionsgate, the studio that produced the massively successful Twilight films. Meyer will reteam with Lionsgate to pen a new one-hour series for Hulu based on Daniel O’Malley’s fantasy novel, The Rook. According to Deadline, The Rook will also air on a yet-to-be named British TV channel in addition to its Hulu release.

The Rook centers on a character named Myfanwy Thomas who works as a lower member (a.k.a. “rook”) of a secret government organization called the Checquy, which is responsible for protecting the U.K. from supernatural threats. Then Myfanwy wakes up with total amnesia, and decides to infiltrate her old life to solve the mystery of who tried to assassinate her. From there she learns more about the Checquy, which deals with everything from semi-sentient mold to creatures with one mind and multiple bodies to, yes, vampires.


It’s perhaps no surprise that Meyer was chosen for the project, as The Rook combines the supernatural elements she used in Twilight with the body-swapping/lost identity elements from her follow-up novel, The Host. This will be Meyer’s first foray into screenwriting, and Hulu and Lionsgate are no doubt hoping she’ll bring the same (lucrative) touch to this project as she did to her vampire romance novels.

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