Proving that he learned absolutely nothing from Mary Shelley’s tale of Gothic horror, Candyman director Bernard Rose is attempting to play God by re-animating the still, lifeless corpse of the Frankenstein craze. He’s doing it, as one does, with a sexy contemporary reboot set in Los Angeles that’s guaranteed to have at least one plastic surgery joke in it.

For this unholy task, Rose has called upon heavy-browed Australian Xavier Samuel, best known for playing Riley Biers in the Twilight series. Samuel will star as “Adam,” the sexy creature chiseled from rock-hard beefcake by equally sexy scientists Victor and Elizabeth Frankenstein (Danny Huston and Carrie-Anne Moss). Once created, Adam will skulk around Hollywood, presumably dirty and shirtless, and contemplate who, in this land of paparazzi and lip injections, is the real monster. Rose has also recruited Candyman star Tony Todd for the movie, presumably by saying his name five times in front of a mirror.


This version of Frankenstein will be a production of the newly formed Bad Badger and will bow sometime in 2016, just in time to be called a ripoff of the three to 15 other Frankenstein-related projects still shambling toward irrelevance.

[via Deadline]