Although Twitter, the salon of the 21st century, is primarily a place for polite political discourse and sobering glimpses into the human condition, there are also some who use it to say dumb shit. For those jackanapes who see Twitter as a place to goof around there’s The #ComedyShow, the first-ever Twitter-based stand-up program, which will take place on the Comedy Central-owned on April 20—or 4/20, the year’s designated day for saying dumb shit. Comedians Steve Agee and Michael Ian Black will host the hour-long event beginning at 2 p.m. ET, welcoming a group of fellow comics to stream their tweets of 4/20 jokes, videos, and “tips.” If that sounds like dumber shit than usual, viewers are encouraged to try to do better, with the best heckling tweets being included among the show’s featured banter. And after that’s over, Twitter will return to its regularly scheduled dialectics.