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One Day At A Time
Photo: Mike Yarish (Netflix)

Donald Trump is still trying to figure out how he wants to structure his concentration camps, since that’ll be an important detail once history books start covering this horrifically dark and shameful period in American history, but at least we can always count on TV writers to take care of people in their times of need. Today, the writers for Starz’s Vida and Netflix’s One Day At A Time have teamed up to raise money for the RAICES Family Reunification And Bond Fund (which helps provide legal services for immigrant families and is now working to help reunite families that Trump and his monstrous cronies split up). As part of their campaign, the Vida and One Day At A Time writers have been challenging the writers on other shows to follow their lead by donating money to RAICES and posting photos on social media about the campaign.


The Vida account has been retweeting a bunch of the participants, including the Arrow writers, the iZombie writers, the Legends Of Tomorrow writers, the Handmaid’s Tale writers, the Riverdale writers, and the Jane The Virgin writers. The writers for Fresh Off The Boat, USA’s Queen Of The South, and FX’s Mayans MC have also answered the call.


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