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The never-ending chase sequence that is The Transporter franchise will spill over onto the small screen, with producer Luc Besson’s EuropaCorp having sold rights to an unnamed “big” broadcasting partner to begin shooting a Transporter TV series next year. Although there are no details yet—besides the obvious assumption that Jason Statham will likely not be reprising his role as the supremely unflappable, no-cargo-too-dangerous-or-sexy deliveryman—Besson has revealed that the show will carry a budget of $48 million for 12 episodes so far, which gives them at least a little wiggle room to blow some awesome shit up.

Somewhat less promising:  EuropaCorp is also considering turning the Liam Neeson thriller Taken into a TV series after the upcoming sequel completes filming in the spring, which seems like a lot to ask of one little premise. We’re assuming the show will expand the Taken universe, giving Neeson’s TV alter ego 12 different stupid daughters to rescue from sex slavery.


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