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TV-show-turned-theme-park-ride to become theme-park-ride-turned-movie

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Disney has announced that it’s working on a feature film adaptation of one of its most popular rides: The Twilight Zone-branded Tower Of Terror, an extended exercise in the horrors of moving up and down kind of rapidly while ghosts yell old-timey stuff in your face. The new film—stripped of its Twilight Zone moniker, peeled off by Warner Bros. for a haunted house movie that’s been in the works in one form or another for years—is currently seeking a screenwriter, although Big Fish writer John August has already penned a treatment for the film.

Taking place in—we’re assuming—a utopian world where Devil was never made, and people still think “scary elevator” movies can be made to work, the movie will focus on five characters who vanish from an elevator when the building they’re in is struck by lightning. (From there, we guess, shenanigans occur.)


This’ll actually be the second screen adaptation The Tower has received; Steve Guttenberg and Kirsten Dunst starred together in a made-for-TV movie of the ride in 1997, which exposed the world to the horrors of character names like “ace journalist Buzzy Crocker.” Meanwhile, Disney has made huge piles of money adapting its Pirates Of The Caribbean rides to film, and considerably less so by giving the same treatment to Tomorrowland, courtesy of Brad Bird.

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