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TV On The Radio's Dave Sitek is the new bassist for Jane's Addiction

Dave Sitek—TV On The Radio guitarist, recently debuted solo artist, the Jazzy Jeff to Aziz Ansari's Fresh Prince, and increasingly omnipresent producer—has been added to the new “creative team” of Jane’s Addiction, with Sitek writing songs for and playing bass on the next album from the alt-rock mainstays. Sitek replaces former Guns ‘N Roses and Velvet Revolver bassist Duff McKagan, who split from the group during recording sessions last year to concentrate on all his other myriad projects—something that Sitek certainly has going on as well, suggesting that his own experience with the band will most likely be limited to the studio. Although it’s an unexpected choice, hiring Sitek along with producer Rich Costey (Franz Ferdinand, Muse) definitely seems to be part of Perry Farrell’s statement that he and regular Jane’s members Dave Navarro and Stephen Perkins are “fully immersed in the process of making modern music,” given that both Sitek and Costey make some of the most modern music around. Or it could just be that Dave Navarro wanted to meet this girl.


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