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TV On The Radio has released another one-off single. “Million Miles” is a slow-burn, vintage-style rocker in the vein of Wilco or My Morning Jacket, but with much, much higher vocals than either of those groups could manage. The track itself is streaming exclusively on NPR, but the video for the song is below. The clip, directed by Natalia Leite, is a little out there, what with its introductory talk of floundering bee populations and rampant global warming, but fast forward to about 1:45 in and the exposition fades away as the clip becomes more of a pure music video.


The new track doesn't necessarily mean a new record is coming. As previously reported, the band left Interscope earlier this year and is putting out all its new material on member Dave Sitek's record label. So far, it's just concentrating on one-off singles, with frontman Tunde Adebimpe telling Spin that he doesn't foresee the band having the patience or means to lock themselves into a recording studio longterm anytime soon.

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