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TV News: A new could-be racist, violence regulations, Drive

Apparently, making a show that regularly centers around rape doesn't make people any less thin-skinned about racial slurs. Ted Kotcheff, an executive producer for Law & Order: SVU may turn into the new Isaiah Washington, and "Chinamen" may be the new "faggot." Kotcheff is accused of using the word, as well as demeaning women and Caribbeans. (Reuters)

The FCC is moving ahead with an exploration of government regulation of TV violence, asking Congress to define what violence is. Prepare for 24: Pillow Fight Edition and House: Everybody's Favorite Pediatrician. (Hollywood Reporter)

The season's latest cancellation: Fox's Drive, after four episodes and poor ratings. Which just means its skinny audience now has the perfect excuse to run out and rent Death Race 2000. (Variety)


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