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TV lawyer Method Man tells Conan he will fight you to defend Denzel Washington's honor

Conan O’Brien, Method Man
Conan O’Brien, Method Man
Screenshot: Conan

Method Man (aka Johnny Blaze, Hott Nikkels, Hot Nixon, or—if you’re the nice lady at his bank—Clifford Smith) told Conan O’Brien on Thursday that he went right to the source for tips on how to play lawyer Davis Maclean on the upcoming Starz Power sequel series Power Book II: Ghost. No, not an actual lawyer. Denzel Washington in Philadelphia, a performance Method Man said is just one of the Washington roles all actors have cribbed from liberally over the years. “94 percent of Hollywood have learned or taken from Denzel Washington,” said the founding Wu-Tang Clan member confidently, “Fight me. That’s a fact.”

Now that might seem like a pretty specific figure on the rate of Denzel-pilferage going on in the acting community, but Meth has run the numbers. And, while Conan joked about his willingness to throw down with the rapper, actor, and gym rat, a picture of the quarantine-jacked Method Man suggested that Conan and his “2-inch pythons” (according to Meth) can thank social distancing for his continued safety. Oh, in case you were wondering, yes, Method Man does work out to his own music to help him get in skip tracer-shape for his other current role in Netflix’s Teenage Bounty Hunters. Because why wouldn’t he.


O’Brien asked his guest if all this fame and adulation has carried over into similar worship from his children, to which Method Man admitted, naw. “Your dad is a big deal!,” the former The Wire star claimed is his go-to appeal for a little respect from his little ones, but confessed to fellow under-appreciated star dad O’Brien that, while his eldest son’s first words in the crib were, indeed, “Wu-Tang,” he’s just another dull dad now. “People love me!,” Meth recalled exclaiming to his perpetually unimpressed millennial children, to no avail. Man, if Method Man can’t get some adulation at home, nobody can. (Maybe it’s all the puzzles.) Certainly not Conan (aka “Thunderous Observer,” according to one of those online Wu-Tang name generators), although Method Man said that it’s better than “Broke Wizard,” which is what he eventually got. Apparently, if you’re Method Man and you plug your name into one of those things, you initially get “Method Man.” Because he’s Method Man.)

Teenage Bounty Hunters is on Netflix now, while Power Book II: Ghost premieres on Starz on Sunday, September 6.

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