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TV Land defrocks Impastor


TV Land has canceled Impastor, its TV show about an impostor pretending to be a pastor. Variety reports that the network is parting ways with the two-season comedy series, which starred Smallville alum Michael Rosenbaum as a gambling-addicted conman who adopts the identity of a small-town preacher after a suicide gone wrong.

Critical reception for the series was mixed, verging on crappy, with reviewers frequently pointing out the disconnect between its raunchy, sex-and-drug-filled tone, and the sappy sentimentality it indulged in in roughly even measure. Still, TV Land extended its order for a second season, featuring more debauchery, puns, and identity theft-based shenanigans, last year. As part of the cancellation announcement, network president Keith Cox thanked the cast and crew—including creator Christopher Vane—for their work on the series, which was part of the network’s current push for single-camera fare aimed toward younger demographics.


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