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In an occurrence as semi-regular as the El Nino weather pattern, television will make one of its frequent attempts to find a place for Bonnie Hunt, the actress whose star quality remains an object of network executive faith, despite the many, many canceled shows that would seem to suggest otherwise. Hunt's long history of short-lived TV shows—Grand, Davis Rules, The Building, Bonnie, Life With Bonnie, and The Bonnie Hunt Show among them—will likely be mentioned with tongue-in-cheek, self-effacing humor should her new project for ABC make it to the actual series order and press junket stage, and past the failed pilot stage where her most recent attempt at ABC, 2006's Let Go, ironically lived up to its name.


In her corner this time: Ben Stiller, who will serve as executive producer and likely make his own wry references to the quickly canceled The Ben Stiller Show, and the fact that Hunt has at least learned to no longer put her name in the title of her shows. Instead, her new project will be called compliKATEd, so named because her character is called "Kate," she is complicated, and getting wicked futuristic with the capitalization like that speaks to The Kids, who hopefully haven't already heard of and pre-judged Bonnie Hunt.

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