Hey, remember TV Club? It’s back—in iPad form! Sure, TV Club never went away, but it wouldn’t be an A.V. Club product announcement without a Simpsons reference, would it?

Providing all the commentary, analysis, and sarcastic reader comments you’ve come to know and love from reading TV Club on your non-tablet devices, the TV Club app brings that experience to the iPad in a slickly designed package you can navigate with your fingers. In addition to notifying you when new reviews and news items are posted (and hey, since Community has a return date, there’s no reason for complaining about the notification system!), the app also tracks your progress through a series with each episode you grade—providing new and exciting ways to hold your superior TV-watching skills over the heads of friends and coworkers. (You’ve watched all of Mad Men, so why not display that fact with your iPad?) Best of all, the app is free, so if you’re an iPad owner and you obsessively check TV Club, there’s no reason not to download it. Apple Newton users, meanwhile, will have to entertain themselves with writing “Eat up Martha” over and over.