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TV Club expands agenda for Winter '09, nation cheers

It’s midseason replacement time in TV land, and whether it’s the sign of a strike-weakened Fall ’08 season or a particularly good batch of new and returning shows, we’re generally more excited about what Winter ’09 has to offer. Granted, there are only a small handful of new shows that look promising, but lots of old favorites are back.

What does that mean for you, our faithful readers? It means that our TV Club section is going to be extremely active throughout the next several months, with our writing staff offering week-by-week coverage of the most essential shows out there. Carrying over from the fall, we’ll be continuing our coverage of 30 Rock, The Office, Chuck, Fringe, Heroes, House, How I Met Your Mother, the Sunday FOX animation block, and Top Chef, among others, as well as Zack Handlen’s TV Club “Classic” write-ups of Star Trek. Here’s what’s on tap for ongoing coverage of new and returning winter shows:

Now Playing

24 (Zack Handlen)

American Idol (Claire Zulkey)

Friday Night Lights (Keith Phipps)

Battlestar Galactica (Chris Dahlen)

Big Love (Amelie Gillette)

Flight Of The Conchords (Genevieve Koski)

United States Of Tara (Claire)

Coming Soon

Lost (1/21) (Noel Murray)

Burn Notice (1/22) (Noel)

Dollhouse (2/13) (Scott Tobias)

East Bound & Down (2/15) (Nathan Rabin)

In addition, we’ll also be reviewing new shows, movies, and other TV events as they premiere. They may not warrant the same level of coverage, but the likes of 13: Fear Is Real and Howie Do It cannot pass without comment. As ever, we rely on obsessive, nit-picky, impossible-to-please fans to keep the discussions lively, so we encourage your participation in the comments sections, too.

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