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TV Club Classic announces its summer 2009 lineup

It’s summer, the season in which television curls up and dies. Okay, not really. There’s some excitement on the horizon: Burn Notice and Weeds will be returning soon. Nurse Jackie could be good. True Blood, the show readers love to hate will most likely continue to confound. And, then… Hitched Or Ditched? Wipeout? It may not be a dead season, but it’s definitely a slow season.

To make the season go down a little easier, we’ll be ramping up our TV Club Classic coverage for the next few months, reviving some old blogs, continuing one popular favorite, and introducing some new shows to the line-up. Which will look a lot like this:

Mondays: The West Wing (New!)

Steve Heisler will be taking Aaron Sorkin’s White House drama starting with the first season. (Begins June 1st)


Tuesday: Newsradio

Donna Bowman resumes revisiting this classic ‘90s workplace sitcom by digging into its third season. (Begins June 2nd)

Wednesday: Deadwood (New!)

Todd VanDerWerff takes on David Milch’s profane, violent take on the western. (Begins June 3rd)

Thursday: Star Trek (New day)

Zack Handlen’s continues is ongoing mission to explore the science fiction phenomenon’s original series. (Already in progress)


Friday: Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Noel Murray returns to the Buffyverse for the series’ third and fourth seasons. (Begins May 29th)


Hope you can join us.