NOFX frontman Fat Mike Burkett, a.k.a. Cokie The Clown, created a minor media firestorm in March when he passed out tequila shots allegedly laced with his own urine at a SXSW performance. The stunt got him banned from Austin club Emo's, landed some attention from TMZ, and made Fat Wreck Chords employees stare at their feet and awkwardly mumble when asked by strangers what they did for a living.

Two months later, Fat Mike has broken his silence: "Suckers." That's what shows up on a video showing him swap the pee-laced bottle for another (presumably urine-free) one before performing at Emo's.

So the whole thing was a hoax? Or is this just a prelude to another video to come in July showing Mike pissing in that other bottle? And what are the odds anyone will give a shit by that point?