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Turns out Phantom Menace would have been great if it were Baby Driver

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This is what you might call a win-win situation. Maybe even a win-win-win.

That there is a video in which the audio track, a direct pull from the first trailer for Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver, serves as base around which a new Baby Driver trailer is cut—but one made exclusively from footage from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. It is, first and foremost, pretty funny and surprisingly applicable, so well done, YouTuber Carnage-Boy.


The first win: Pod Racing! The Phantom Menace has its defenders—we know one!—but even its detractors would be likely to begrudgingly acknowledge that the Pod Race is one of the best scenes in the film. Now imagine multiple Wright-directed pod-racing scenes! With masks! And retro tunes! Anakin races to a Cantina playlist! That would be amazing.

The second win: This subs Liam Neeson for Kevin Spacey, which a) gives Neeson some threatening “I’ll break your legs” speeches, and b) removes at least the visage of Kevin Spacey from the proceedings.


The third win: Maybe the fact that you’re watching this video will lead you to click through to Carnage-Boy’s YouTube page. If you do, just look at what awaits you:

That, friends, is the work of a mad genius.

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