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Turns out Hans Zimmer was only retired from scoring the lousy, Ben Affleck kind of superhero movie

Photo: Clay Enos (Warner Bros.)

A few years back, uber-prolific German film composer Hans Zimmer suggested that he was getting ready to dial himself back to merely being “pretty prolific German film composer Hans Zimmer”, stating that all these changing franchise actors and whatnot were burning him out on composing for superhero movies. At the time, Zimmer specifically called out the transition from Christian Bale’s Dark Knight Batman to Ben Affleck’s recent turn as the Caped Crusader as a major mind-screw for him, suggesting that it “did [his] brain in” to have to write music for a new version of an old, familiar character. (He also didn’t seem terribly happy to be writing for a Batman who was “grumpy” and “middle-aged.”)

But maybe it wasn’t that the Oscar-winner was retiring from superheroes entirely: Maybe he was just ducking out on unimpressive Batfleck films. That would explain why Consequence Of Sound is reporting that Zimmer has just been announced as the composer on Wonder Woman 1984, the already much-anticipated sequel to Patty Jenkins’ 2017 hit.


To be fair, Gal Gadot’s Diana probably falls under the “familiar” category in Zimmer’s books: Although Rupert Gregson-Williams was the official composer on Wonder Woman itself, his score heavily referenced Zimmer’s work from the character’s debut in Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, most notably the shrieking synths of the Junkie XL co-written “Is She With You?”

Now, we’re not entirely sure how Zimmer’s love of pounding drums and big, orchestral bombast is going to fit in with the pastel, mall-based utopia we’re all expecting for Wonder Woman ’84. In any case, though, congratulations, Zimmer-heads: Your man is coming home. 

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