Photo: Stephen Lam/Getty Images

If you’re foolish enough to have waited until 2017 to get your own website, you might come to the horrific realization that all the good domain names are taken. But rather than settling for something clunky and hard to remember like www.clownpenis.fart, why not take a cue from the younger generation and tie your brand to your favorite emoji? You‘ll have to pay a few thousand dollars to spare for the privilege, of course.

As reported by the Daily Dot, the website [grinning face with smiling eyes].to (or http://xn— provides a handy breakdown of which emoji domains are still available and which ones are going to cost you the most. It should be no surprise that the most frequently used emojis are the most expensive. Both [smiling face with heart eyes].to and [smiling face with smiling eyes].to will cost you around $10K, while [prayer hands].to and [generic blond white man].to are only about $3,000. But many of the less exciting emoji domains are available for reasonable prices, including a whole host of multi-emoji addresses like [airplane seat] [red balloon] [pizza] [monkey covering mouth].to if that more accurately describes your business.


The reason all these domains end in .to is because the Polynesian island of Tongo is one of the few places that currently supports emoji domains. But Mark Köhlbrugge, the proprietor of [grinning face with smiling eyes].to, has said he’ll continue to update the page as more countries allow for it.

If you’re not personally in the market for a desktop-unfriendly graphic URL, this page is also great for checking out which emoji domains have already been scooped by other users. [Alien face].to links to a Bitcoin market tracker app called Space Cash. [Woman in a red dress].to links to a random woman’s Instagram account. And, before you ask, [poop].to is the personal blog of a computer scientist named Bob Frankston … for some reason.