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Turns out Agent Carter’s toughest battle is against sexism

The premiere of Marvel’s new miniseries Agent Carter was dead set on proving two things: 1.) Peggy Carter is a talented field agent and huge asset to the spy organization for which she works. 2.) Thanks to the sexism of the 1940s, none of her male coworkers realize that.

In a new video, pop culture satirists Leigh Lahav and Oren Mendez gently poke fun at the latter point by stringing together all the kinds of microaggressions Peggy dealt with throughout the premiere (“Hey toots, how about a smile?”). Much like the show itself, the video argues Peggy’s toughest mission is actually sexism in the workplace. In an especially nice touch, Lahav and Mendez end their video with a reminder that workplace inequality isn’t just a thing of the past. (That maybe explains why the Marvel Cinematic Universe has so few female characters.)

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