By most accounts, Star Wars: Episode VII—The Force Awakens was pretty good, but it’s impossible to please everyone. Why weren’t there Ewoks? What happened to Jar-Jar’s accent? How did Boba Fett wind up running that taco truck out of Mos Eisley? Even the opening crawl has left some perturbed over the lack of 20th Century Fox fanfare (and not looking at the lack of a Disney castle as the glass half full).

The good news about Disney’s changing of the iconic opening crawl is that it opens the door for fans to alter it further. Enter Bruno Orlandi’s Star Wars Intro Creator. Building off of Tim Pietrusky’s project recreating the original crawl in Javascript and CSS, Orlandi takes things a step farther. Everything except the Star Wars logo itself is up for grabs. Feel like rewriting the premise of Star Wars: Episode II—Attack Of The Clones? No problem. Want to inflate your bitter rivalry with Clark from Accounts Payable into an epic space opera? Here’s your chance. Just feel like replacing every verb with “fart”? Consider it done.


Of course, has its own crawl generator, but it doesn’t let you change the “Long Time Ago” setting, so until the Galatic Empire pulls Orlandi’s version, we recommend you start there.