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Screenshot: The Good Place (YouTube)

It’s been over six months since The Good Place wrapped up their second season, and fans are more than ready to revisit their favorite characters and find out what the writers plan to do with them in the show’s ever-changing setting. But, if you feel like four weeks is a little too long to wait to check in with Eleanor, Chidi, Michael and the gang, don’t worry! Thanks to a new Chrome extension, you can transform your web experience into a Good Place of your own, complete with obscenity censors and a personalized Janet (a.k.a. Google).

Screenshot: The Good Place extension
Screenshot: The Good Place extension

While the extension mainly functions as a big flashing advertisement for the show’s upcoming third season, there are a handful of features that are fun to play around with. For example, giving a YouTube video a thumbs down feels a lot more effective when you imagine you’re sending it to the Bad Place. And holy shirtballs, that obscenity censor really forking works.

Screenshot: YouTube

If you’re a Chrome user, check it out for yourself in the web store and start pestering Janet about when that damn premiere date is.


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